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seals-and-gasketsFunction of any hydraulic, pneumatics systems depends on the performance of the soft material parts such as O-rings, hydraulic seals, U-cups seals, piston cup seals, square section seals, Quad ring seals, Vee packings, wipers, lathe cuts, FKM / Viton Seals, , Teflon oil seals, Mechanical shaft seals, Bearing guards, flat seals, Rubber gaskets, Cork Gaskets, Rubber-Cork gaskets etc. Maeon Laboratories perform precise testing and provide customer the valuable data of the Seals testing, O Ring testing, gasket testing for their analysis.

O-Rings - Testing
The key tests for O Ring are listed in ASTM D1414 and the same is listed here for ready reference. Testing of the customers O ring to evaluate the performance is done Maeon Laboratories
O-Rings - Testing
  Tensile Strength  
  Tensile Stress  
  Tension Set  
  Compression Set  
  Compression Set in liquids  
  Low Temperature Test  
  Immersion Test : Volume Change  
  Heat Ageing, Change in H, TS & El  
  Corrosion Test  
Stress-Strain Property Test
The Tensile strength of O rings is the force required to rupture when subject to stretch at a constant rate. Tensile strength is measured in psi (pounds per square inch) or MPa (Mega Pascals). Special mounting devices are used by Maeon laboratories for testing O Rings. The Elongation at break, Tensile stress (Modulus ) measurements are done in a single test.
Stress-Strain Property Test
SG1OR-1 Tensile Strength ASTM D1414 Cl 8
SG1OR-2 Elongation ASTM D1414 Cl 8
SG1OR-3 Tensile Stress ASTM D1414 Cl 8
Permanent Set Property Test
Tension and Compression set are key characteristic in the performance of O Rings and seals, and is generally determined in air aging and reported as the percent of deflection the seal cross section fails to recover after a fixed time under specified squeeze and temperature. Zero percent (0%) indicates no relaxation has occurred whereas 100% indicates total relaxation; the seal just contacts mating surfaces but no longer exerts a force against those surfaces.
Compression set tests for seals and O rings are mainly applicable for materials, components and products which will be used in conditions involving static stresses, and for use in both an air or liquid environment. A constant strain is applied and the set is determined.
Permanent Set Property Test
SG1OR-4 Tension Set ASTM D1414 Cl 9
SG1OR-5 Compression Set ASTM D1414 Cl 10
SG1OR-6 Compression Set in liquids ASTM D1414 Cl 11
Thermal Property Test

Maeon Laboratories conduct the test to determine the lowest temperature at which rubber compounds seal or O ring will not show fractures when exposed to specified bending or impact conditions.
During heat ageing of O rings and seals, they are exposed to hot surrounding air over a predefined constant temperature. This process takes place either with several samples in a kind of circulating air oven with fresh air supply or in cell ovens separated into samples and % deterioration of properties or change in hardness is reported.
Thermal Property Test
SG1OR-7 Low Temperature Test ASTM D1414 Cl 12
SG1OR-10 Heat Ageing, Change in H, TS & El ASTM D1414 Cl 15
Material Property Test
IRHD hardness – Macro or Micro with O ring centralizing device is used to measure Hardness of curved products. Maeon Laboratories have facility for testing hardness by IRHD scale Macro and Micro hardness scales.
Seals and O ring are subjected to fluid Immersion tests to ensure their functional behavior with respect to different operating fluids with which it is functioning.
Corrosion test is performed with metal alloys fitted with polymer O-rings and seals of varying size, shape, and composition to determine its behavior on metal corrosion. Both corrosion and the buildup of metal oxides such as rust, over the entire surface, were also observed where required.
Material Property Test
SG1OR-11 Hardness ASTM D1414 Cl 16
SG1OR-8 Density ASTM D1414 Cl 13
SG1OR-9 Immersion Test : Volume Change ASTM D1414 Cl 14
SG1OR-12 Corrosion Test ASTM D1414 Cl 18
Seals Testing
Maeon Laboratories conduct many testing on a variety of seals, which include hydraulic seals, U-cups seals, piston cup seals, Square section seals, Quad ring seals, Vee packings, wiper seals , lathe cut seals, FKM / Viton Seals, , Teflon oil seals, Mechanical shaft seals, Bearing guards, flat seals. The critical tests which are applicable are listed above.
Seals Testing



IS 15430 ISO 6447 ISO 2781 IS 5129-4 ISO 6194-4 IS 5382 IS 15545-4 ISO 16589-4 ISO 23936-1&2 IS 15946 ISO 9539
SG1SL-4 Hardness IRHD  
SG1SL-5 Compression Set  
SG1SL-9 Tensile Strength & Elongation @ break  
SG1SL-3 Density  
SG1SL-6 Fluid Immersion - Volume, Hardness Change  
SG1SL-7 Heat Ageing, change in H, TS, EL  
SG1SL-12 Water Immersion  
SG1SL-2 Dynamic Low Temperature Test  
SG1SL-8 Low Temperature Stiffness  
SG1SL-11 Low Temperature Brittleness  
SG1SL-13 Cold Resistance, increase in hardness  
SG1SL-18 Resistance to Solvents, Mass, Hardness change  
SG1SL-19 Resistance to n-Pentane, Mass change, hardness change  
SG1SL-10 Stress Relaxation for seals  
SG1SL-1 Dynamic Test for seals  
SG1SL-16 RGD - Chemical Resistance in oil and gas environments  
Gaskets – Common Tests
Gaskets are in important component in many engineering industry, automotive and domestic appliances and in construction. Maeon Laboratories conduct many testing on a variety of Gaskets, Rubber Gasket testing, Cork Gasket testing, Rubber/Cork Gasket testing, Asbestos Gasket testing, Composite Gasket testing, Gaskets for domestic appliances, Pressure Cooker gaskets etc. The critical tests which are applicable are listed above
Though specific list of test specification are stipulated by National and International standards, above specific tests which Maeon Laboratories perform frequently for Customers.
Gaskets – Common Tests
SG1GG-2 Sealability IS 7714 ASTM F37 ASTM F112
SG1GG-6 Binder Durability ASTM F148
SG1GG-5 Flexibility ASTM F147
SG1GG-3 Creep Relaxation ASTM F38 ASTM F1276
SG1GG-4 Fluid Resistance ASTM F146
SG1GG-7 Tension Test ASTM F152
SG1GG-8 Corrosion Test ASTM F363
SG1GG-10 Adhesion ASTM F607
SG1GG-9 Weight loss after ageing ASTM F495
SG1GG-11 Dimensional Stability ASTM F1087
SG1GG-12 Density ASTM F1315
SG1GG-9 Weight loss after ageing ASTM F495
SG1GG-11 Dimensional Stability ASTM F1087
SG1GG-12 Density ASTM F1315
G1GG-13 Compressive Strength at elevated temperature ASTM F1574
SG1GG-14 Flexible Barrier Packaging - Conditioning and Testing ASTM E171
Rubber Gaskets Testing
Rubber Gaskets Testing
  Industrial Rubber Gaskets IS3400, IS 1149
  Domestic appliance Gaskets, Pressure cooker Gaskets IS 7466
  Hardness IRHD  
  Tensile Strength  
  Compression Set  
  Accelerated Ageing  
  Oil / Liquid / Fuel Ageing  
  Water Absorption  
  Total Zinc Oxide Content  
  Auto Clave Ageing  
  Heavy Metals test  
  Performance test for pressure cooker gasket  
Rubber Cork Gaskets Testing
Rubber Cork Gaskets Testing



IS 4253, IS 5569, IS 14538, IS 1069, ASTM F36
  Dimensional Stability  
  Tensile Strength  
  Compressibility & Recovery  
  Fluid Resistance  
  Moisture Content  
  Water Soluble Matter  
  Immersion Test  
  Compression Set  
  Chemical Test on Water Extract  
  Oil Absorption  
  Freedom from corrosive impurities  
  Resistance to mold growth  
  Resistance to Fuel  
Asbestos Gaskets Testing
Asbestos Gaskets Testing



IS 27I2, IS 10330, IS 6210, ASTM F806
  Flexibility after ageing  
  Compressibility and Recovery  
  Stress Relaxation  
  Oil Absorption  
  Water Absorption  
  Resistance to acids  
  Tensile Strength  
  Loss on ignition  
  Lubricant Content  
  Graphite Content  
  Binder Content  
  Asbestos Content in yarn  
Production Specification Test - Seals & Gaskets
Validation of quality and performance of the product as a whole is carried via the stipulations and guidance provided by national and international specifications on Seals and Gaskets. Some of the standards. Maeon laboratories are capable of testing the Seals and Gaskets for compliance are listed above.
Production Specification Test - Seals & Gaskets
SG1PR-1 Lip-type seals IS 5129  : 2000
SG1PR-2 Lip-type seals ISO 6194
SG1PR-3 Lip-type seals IS 15545-4
SG1PR-4 Lip-type seals ISO 16589-4
SG1PR-5 Rubber Seal for gas supply pipes IS 15430
SG1PR-6 Rubber Seal for gas supply pipes ISO 6447
SG1PR-7 Sealing ring for gas water main sewers IS 5382
SG1PR-8 Composition cork testing ISO7322:2014
SG1PR-9 Agglomerated composition cork and rubber cork for gaskets ISO 4708:2017
SG1PR-10 Gaskets for pressure cooker IS 7466 : 1994
SG1PR-11 Specification for rubber gaskets IS 11149 : 1984
SG1PR-12 Gaskets and packings: composition cork - Test methods IS 14538-2
SG1PR-13 Plain cork sheets - Cork composition sheets - Specification IS 4253:2008 Part 1
SG1PR-14 Cork and Rubber sheets - Cork composition sheets - Specification IS 4253: 2008 Part 2
SG1PR-15 Cork and Cellulose Base - Jointing material - Specification IS 5569: 1970
SG1PR-16 Compressed asbestos fibre jointing - Specification IS 2712 : 1998
SG1PR-17 Metal Jacketed Gasket ASTM F68 ASME B16.20
SG1PR-18 Cork test standards ISO / TC 87