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Films Testing

films-testingPlastic films and sheets are evaluated for their quality standards depending the area of applications. The materials for films include PE, PET, PA, PS, PMMA, PC, ABS, PVC, PEEK, PEI, PES, PVDF. PMP, PSD, ECTFE and used in packaging industry, food, backing, chocolates, medical, pharma, automotives, stationery, printing, furnishing and civil, surface protection, transportations. Maeon Laboratories provide extensive test facility for the Plastic films and sheets.

Films Testing

Thin plastic materials of less than 1.0 mm are used for great number of applications like for packing, lamination, plastic garbage bags, sandwich bags, food containers, tapes and many more. When subjected to tensile testing, we could measure the Elongation, tensile yield strength, tensile modulus and tensile strength at break. Maeon laboratories have requisite facility for conducting Plastic film tensile testing / Polymeric films tensile testing.
Graves tear test for films measure the force to initiate tearing in plastic films, The punched out specimens are subjected to tension load at a constant rate and the load to failure is recorded.
Elmendorf tear testing determines force to propagate tearing through a specified length of plastic film. This facility is available at Maeon laboratories for performing Elmendorf tear testing of Plastic films.
Force necessary to propagate a tear is plastic film and application of tensile force is measured. This facility is available at Maeon laboratories for performing Elmendorf tear testing of Plastic films.
FL1ME-1 Tensile Properties ASTM D882 ISO 527-3 IS 13360 P5 S3 IS 2508
FL1ME-3 Tear Testing - Graves ASTM D1004 ISO 6383-1 IS 13360 P5 S10
FL1ME-4 Tear Testing - Elmendorf ASTM D1922 ISO 6383-2 IS 13360 P5 S23
FL1ME-5 Tear Testing – Trouser tear ASTM D1938 ASTMD1004

Films Testing II

Plastic films are tested for its resistance to snagging ie dynamic puncture and propagation of that puncture resulting in a tear, by measuring the force required.
Composite films of flexible materials such as cellulose, paper, plastic film, and foil are tested for bond strength or ply adhesion. Maeon Laboratory has facility for Adhesion of film laminates.


Puncture resistance of plastics

ASTM D2582 ASTM D7192 ISO 7765-2 F1306
FL1ME11 Adhesion / Bond strength of film composites ASTM F904

Adhesion Testing of film, Peel testing of films

Adhesive tapes, coated film etc. adhesion of the coating to be as per norms. Maeon Laboratories conduct three types of adhesion peel tests . These test methods cover the measurement of the peel adhesion of pressure-sensitive tapes. .1ST method gives a measure of the adherence, when peeled at 180° angle, to a standard steel panel or to other surface of interest for a single-coated tape. .2nd method gives a measure of the adherence to the backing of a single-coated tape. .3rd method gives a measure of the adherence of double-coated tape to a standard steel panel or other surface of interest.
FL1ME12 Peel strength of films, adhesive tapes ASTM D3330

Impact testing of Films

Free falling dart impact testing is done for Plastic films – It determines the energy that causes plastic film to fail under specified conditions of impact of a free-falling dart.


Impact Resistance - Free Falling dart Method

ASTM D1709 ISO 7765-1 IS 2508

Coefficient of friction – of films

The friction coefficient test is conducted to the resistance of one material to slide over another or same material. Static coefficient of friction determines the energy required to star the motion between two surfaces. The Kinetic coefficient of friction determine the resistance to sliding once one surface is in relative motion to the another surface. Maeon laboratory carry out this important property on many polymeric and other materials including films.
FL1ME-2 Coefficient of Friction ASTM D1894 ISO 8295 IS 13360 P11 S1 IS 2508


The plastic film and various kinds of tape are tested for its resistance level to flammability. The procedure performed for films is vertical burning method, which Maeon laboratory is providing excellent services for the Burning rate determination test.


Burning rate

ASTM D3801 ASTM D4804

Electrical Properties

Films and tapes are used for numerous electrical applications where electrical resistance , dielectric strength properties are essential. Maeon Laboratories conduct various electrical property tests for films and tapes.


Dielectric Strength

ASTM D2305

Optical Properties

Polymeric Films, adhesive tapes either opaque or transparent require optical property to be controlled for its end application. Maeon Laboratory follow National and International standards to determine properties such as, haze , luminous transmittance, gloss, reflectance and provide valuable data to the customer



ASTM D2457 IS 13360 P9 S7 ISO 2813 IS 2508
FL1OP-2 Haze & Total Transmittance ASTM D1003 ISO 14782 IS 2508 ASTM D2103 ISO 13468-1 ISO 13468-2
FL1OP-4 Reflectance ASTM E1347

Water Vapour, Gas Permeability

Rate of transmission or permeability of gas, water are measured and controlled to meet end product applications. Either water vapour or gas/air under pressure supplied from one side of flexible barrier material and transfer at stipulated conditions are measured.


Water Vapour transmission rate

ASTM E398 /D398 ASTM E96 ASTM F1249 ASTM D1653 ISO 15106-1 ISO 15106-2 ISO 15106-3
FL1GP-2 Gas Permeability ASTM D1434 ISO 15105-1 ISO 15105-2 ISO 2556

Speciality Material Testing - films

Tests applicable for single or multi-layered heat-sealable films, single homogeneous non-sealable films, finished containers and closures for sealing as lids, in the finished form, preformed or converted form, single (mono) layers, coextruded, and laminate materials.


Overall Migration

IS 9845
FL1SP-2 Sealability ASTM F88 ISO 2115 IS 13360 P11 S5
FL1ME-10 Yield ASTM D4321 IS 2508
FL1ME-8 Wetting tension of plastic films ASTM D2578 ISO 8296 ASTM D5946 ISO 15989
FL1MT-1 Thickness of Plastic Films ASTM D6988 ISO 4591 ISO 4593 13360 P3 S6 ASTM E252 ASTM D374 ASTM D5947 ASTM D2103 IS 2508
FL1MT-2 Low Temperature Impact ASTM D1790 ISO 8570 IS 13360 P11 S13
FL1ME-6 Dimension Change at elevated temperature ASTM D1204 ISO 11501 IS 13360 P11 S14
FL1MT-3 Density ASTM D1505 ASTM D4976 ASTM D4703 ASTM D2839 ASTM D4883 IS 8543 P1 S2
FL1OD-1 Odour ASTM E1870

Production Specification Test - Seals & Gaskets

Validation of quality and performance of the product as a whole is carried via the stipulations and guidance provided by national and international specifications on polymeric films, sheets, for a variety of applications. Some of the standards, Maeon laboratories are capable of testing the films, sheets for compliance are listed above.


High density polyethylene films (First Revision)

IS 10889 : 2004
  Linearlow - Densitypolyethylene (Lldpe)Films – Specification IS 14500 : 1998
  Multilayered cross laminated sheets/tarpaulins/covers/agricultural films - Specification (First Revision) IS 14611 : 2016
  Stretch cling films – Specification IS 14995 : 2001
  Water soluble film – Specification IS 16154 : 2014
  Plastics - Film and sheeting - Cast polypropylene (PP) films IS 16459 : 2016/ISO 17557 : 2003
  Plastics - Film and sheeting - Biaxially oriented polypropylene (PP) films IS 16460 : 2016/ISO 17555 : 2003
  Polyethylene Mulch Films for Agriculture and Horticulture • Specification IS 17216 : 2019
  Polyethylene films and sheets - Specification (Third Revision) IS 2508 : 2016

Being a conclusion of the Film testing laboratory in Chennai, we guarantee our customers get detailed and precise revealing from our testing capacity. Our professionals give various testing and outcomes with norms and extensive guidelines. Our composite material testing laboratory in Chennai is exceptional for dealing with composite material testing needs.