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coated-fabrics1Technical textiles with coating, as also treated fabrics, find application in automobiles, any many industries including fire protection devices and water protection applications. Coated fabrics testing laboratory have a layer textile material, over which is coated a layer of polymeric material, either spread or impregnated. Maeon laboratories provides dependable testing services for Automotive interior trim testing, vinyl coated fabrics testing, rexins, tarpaulin testing, woven sack testing, fire protection fabrics testing.Knitted Fabric Testing is a crucial part of fabric production and helps firms develop clothes to the quality and norm they desire. Range testing cover physiochemical parameters, mechanical, durability, pressure tests, rubber, colour fastness, flammability, Weatherablity tests. Some of the standards that are covered are listed below:

Breaking Strength, Elongation, Tear Properties

Physical / mechanical properties tested at Maeon laboratories for Coated fabrics follow the standards of ASTM, ISO, BIS and OEM standards. Mass, thickness and mechanical properties force at rupture ie. tensile properties, elongation, tear strength, seam strength etc. are properties frequently analysed.
CF1ME-1 Thickness ASTM D751 CL 9 IS 7016 P1 S3 ISO 2286-3
CF1ME-2 Mass ASTM D751 CL 10 IS 7016 P1 S2 ISO 2286-2
CF1ME-3 Breaking Strength - Grab Method ASTM D751 CL 12 IS 7016 P2 ISO 1421 IS 14597 Cl5.6
CF1ME-4 Breaking Strength - Cut Strip Method ASTM D751 CL 16 IS 7016 P2 ISO 1421
CF1ME-5 Elongation ASTM D751 CL 17 IS 7016 P2 ISO 1421
CF1ME-8 Tear Resistance - Pendulum Method ASTM D751 CL 27 ASTM D1424 IS 7016 P3 ISO 4674-2
CF1ME-9 Tear Resistance - Tongue Method & Trouser ASTM D751 CL 28 IS 7016 P3 ISO 4674-1
CF1ME-10 Trapezoidal Tear ASTM D751 CL 32 DIN 53363

Bursting and Puncture resistance

Ball burst test, diaphragm burst testing, and Puncture testing of coated fabrics actually determine the strength of a material by measuring the force required to penetrate the specimen. Either rounded tool edges are pointed tools are used to apply load and measure resistance required for failure.
CF1ME-6 Bursting Strength ASTM D751 CL 18 IS 7016 P6 ISO 3303-1 ISO 3303-2
CF1ME-7 Puncture Resistance ASTM D751 CL 22

Hydrostatic Resistance Testing, Water Proofness Test

A Mullen's test consists of forces hydraulic fluid through a diaphragm of the coated fabric test specimen. The coated fabric diaphragm will burst, revealing its hydrostatic resistance.
Another method for Hydrostatic Resistance is by Rising Water Column, which provides knowledge of the resistance of the test fabric to hydrostatic forces.
CF1ME-11 Hydrostatic Resistance - Mullen Type ASTM D751 CL 37
CF1ME-12 Hydrostatic Resistance - Rising column of water ASTM D751 CL 41
CF1ME-21 Resistance to penetration by water / Water Proofness IS 7016 P7 ISO 1420 ISO 6450 IS 14597 Cl5.3 IS 1389 Appendix E
CF1ME-12a Strength of Coating ASTM D751 CL 49

Adhesion of coating to fabric

The adhesion of polymeric coating to the fabric is determined by this test method and the T Peel test method is used by Maeon laboratoratories.


Adhesion of coating to fabric

ASTM D751 CL 45 IS 7016 P5 ISO 2411 ISO 4637 IS 1259 Cl 4.9 IS 1259 Cl 4.13

Tack Tear, Seam Strength tests

Tack Tear test consists of a row of kneedle to grip into the textile specimen. The sample is then applied with tension load and when tearing occurs along where the needles were gripped into the sample is recorded. 
Or Seam strength tests are used to evaluate the sewn seam strength in coated woven fabrics by applying a tensile load to the sewn seams until seam failure occurs. Maeon Laboratories possess capabilities to test fabric for Tack Tear test and Seam strength tests.
CF1ME-14 Tack Tear ASTM D751 CL 54 IS 7016 P12
CF1ME-15 Seam Strength ASTM D751 CL 66 ASTM D1683
CF1ME-16 Dead Load Seam Strength ASTM D751 CL 80

Flexing tests

The resistance to damage fabric repeated flexing is studied in these test methods. Basically any one of the 3 standards can be selected based on the customer requirement, ie. By Demattia test method, Schildknecht method or by Crumple/Flex method.


Resistance to damage by flexing, crumple flex testing

IS 7016 P4 ISO 7854 ISO 5981 IS 14597 Cl5.4 IS 1259 Cl 4.8

Flame Resistance test for Coated fabrics



Flame Resistance

IS 14597 Cl 5.10.1 DIN 75200 BS 7837 IS 1259 Cl 4.10 IS 11871:1986 EN 13773, BS 5867 DIN 4102 Fed 191b-5903

Thermal Properties Test on Coated fabrics

Fabric materials and the coating when subjected to various environmental conditions deteriorate and loose its properties. The testings for extent of degradation is studied through following standards at Maeon Laboratories


Low Temperature Bend

ASTM D751 CL 59 ASTM D2136 ISO 4675 IS 7016 P10
CF1TH-2 Low Temperature Impact ASTM D751 CL 60 ASTM D2137 IS 7016 P14 ISO 4646
CF1TH-3 Low Temperature Crack Resistance ASTM D751 CL 61
CF1TH-4 Heat Ageing ASTM D751 CL 72 IS 7016 P8 ISO 1419 IS 14597 Cl5.2 IS 5915 Cl 4.3.5
CF1TH-5 Cold Resistance IS 14597 Cl 5.5 IS 1259 Cl 4.6.2
CF1TH-6 Heat Resistance and loss of mass IS 1259 Cl 4.6.1
CF1TH-7 Resistance to cold IS 5915 Cl 4.3.9

Environmental Properties Test

CF1EN-1 Ozone Resistance ISO 3011
CF1EN-2 Fogging ISO 6452
CF1EN-3 Dimensional Change by Water Immersion ISO 7771 IS 14597 Annex B IS 1259 Cl 4.7

Weatherability Properties Test, Artificial light ageing, Fading test, Fadeometer and Accelerated Lightfastness

Fabrics with its polymeric coatings or with chemical treatment used for both interior and exterior applications are subject to attach by light, oxygen and water. For the prediction of behaviors of the material under exposure conditions are studied using artificial light lamps such Xenon arc, fluorescent lamp weatherometer. Maeon laboratories is equipped with excellent test chambers for creating conditions and evaluating the effects.
CF1WE-1 Weather Resistance Xenon ISO 105-B02 IS 1259 Cl 4.6.4 IS 2454 ASTM G155-13 ASTM D4329-13 ASTM G154-16

Color Fastness test – by rubbing using Crockmeter

Dry or Wet rubbing color fastness tests is conducted to evaluate fading and staining of dyed fabric when rubbed with a standard white cloth with or without water content. After testing, the white cloth is compared to staining sample cards to measure staining fastness by any of the colour measurement units.
CF1ME-26 Color Fastness to dry and wet rubbing IS 14597 Annex C IS 1259 Cl 4.6.3

Other Tests on Coated Fabrics



Blocking Resistance

ASTM D751 CL 84 IS 7016 P9 ISO 5978
CF1ME-18 Crush Resistance ASTM D751 CL 89 IS 7016 P13 ISO 5473
CF1ME-19 Wicking of coated cloth ASTM D751 CL 94
CF1ME-22 Flexibility – by loop test IS 7016 P11 ISO 5979 ISO 32100
CF1ME-23 Abrasion by TABER ISO 5470-1 IS 7016 P15
CF1ME-25 Fusion test ISO 6451 IS 14597 Cl 5.10.2 ASTM D4005
CF1ME-24 Gas Permeability ISO 7229
CF1EL-1 Electrical Resistance  
  Pressure Test  
  Leakage Test  
  Suction Test  
  Bleeding Test IS 1259 Cl 4.11
  Surface Resistance to Chemicals IS 1259 Cl 4.12
  Color Fastness to washing IS 3361 IS 768 IS 769
  Aqueous Extract IS 1390
  Autoclaving test IS 5915 Cl 4.3.8
  Resistance to acid and alkali IS 5915 Cl 4.3.10
  Rubber Content Determination IS 5915 Appendix A
  Content proofing IS 5915 Appendix C

Product Specification Test

The testing capability of Maeon laboratories includes National and international standards and OEM standards of range of Coated Fabric testing, treated Woven and Nonwoven fabric testing, Industrial woven fabric testing, carpets, architectural fabrics, Tarpaulin, Water resistant coatings, woven sacks and many more. Some of the standards which Maeon laboratories provide testing services are given above.
CF1PR-1 Vinyl coated fabric IS 1259
CF1PR-2 Special proofed Pauling (Tarpaulin) IS 2789
CF1PR-3 Water resistant clothing - PVC coated fabric IS 3322
CF1PR-4 Single texture rubberized waterproof fabric IS 5915
CF1PR-5 Tarpaulin heavy duty IS 14597
CF1PR-6 Tarpaulin from HDFE woven fabric IS 7903
CF1PR-7 Woven and knitted fabric testing for automotive trim testing MS 300-32
CF1PR-8 Non woven fabrics, felts for automotive trim testing MS 343-16
CF1PR-9 Woven sacks testing IS 16703:2017, IS 16709:2017
CF1PR-10 Antistatic fabric IS 3768

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