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Why We Use an Accredited Testing Laboratory

In India, NABL certification is the process through which an accreditation authority certifies a laboratory ability to execute a certain test on a specific product and parameter. The number of tests performed by laboratories has expanded dramatically in recent years. More and more laboratories are pursuing NABL accreditation in order to ensure that their testing results are not questioned by consumers.

Be it producers, providers, exporters, or clients, everybody needs awesome, precise, effective, and pocket-accommodating testing administrations. Regularly, underrating the worth of licensed labs and being uninformed about their advantages, individuals go for non-authorized labs and wind up confronting ominous results. Indeed, you ought to continuously recollect that the best assurance that the information you are relying upon was created in an expert lab is a research facility license.

 What is Laboratory Accreditation?

Research facility certification is a strategy by which a legitimate body perceives specialized skills for specific tests/estimations in view of outsider assessment and congruity with worldwide principles.

To become certified, a research facility should exhibit not just that it has a quality framework that meets the important standards, yet in addition that it is in fact equipped for the testing or adjustments, i.e., it meets the asserted estimation correctnesses and discernibility.

The NABL certification gives a NABL testing laboratory in India formal recognition, license, and credit. It proves that a laboratory is capable and competent to complete the tasks assigned to it.

In India, NABL-accredited testing laboratories must undergo periodic assessment, re-assessment, and supervision.

Understanding the Importance of Accredited Testing Laboratories

1.  Why is accreditation important for a laboratory? 

At any point asked why a lab specialized skills and guidelines are vital for you as a maker, client, provider, or exporter? Indeed, check out the advantages you procure by utilizing a certified research facility:

Get a good deal on retesting: Well, who needs to pay two times for exactly the same thing? At the point when you utilize a NABL certify lab, you get the best, most precise, and normalized outcomes without mistakes which implies you do not need to go through taking care of costly bills on retesting.

Limit the danger: This interfaces with the primary point. At the point when you know your items, hardware, materials, or machines are tried by a decent certified lab, the possibilities of harm, helpless usefulness, and strength are exceptionally low.

Assemble client trust and steadfastness: When the administrations and items given by you are of good, tried, and normalized quality, not just new clients are drawn to your business, yet the old ones enjoy client dedication, consequently, expanding your benefits.

Lessen expenses and increment global acknowledgment of your items: The expense of retesting and fixes expands the costs of administrations and items. Consequently, utilizing authorize labs helps in controlling and lessening the expenses in the production network. Whenever your items and administrations are of good, recognized, endorsed, tried, and normalized esteem, you begin getting acknowledgment broadly as well as all around the world as well.

2.  What factors to look for before choosing a laboratory?

Accreditation, as referenced previously, helps in deciding the specialized and generally speaking skill and capability of the research center, for example, The staff`s accreditations, preparation, and experience: Only a decent prepared, experienced, and qualified staff can test the items and materials precisely.

Use of legitimate and right gear: If the hardware and machines expected for testing are not adjusted and of good quality then, at that point, the outcomes will have blunders. For that reason, it is essential to go for labs that utilize modern hardware of good and adjusted quality. The act of standard quality affirmation and methods: To guarantee an appropriate NABL testing lab, the authorized labs ought to keep legitimate rules and methodology of value confirmation. Quality affirmation helps in knowing whether the standard quality prerequisites of the items are satisfied or not.

Legitimate assortment and inspecting rehearsals: The examining should be finished utilizing the rules and suitable tests to help further in quality affirmation. The examples ought to be gathered and tried with every one of the important insurances and wellbeing measures too. Giving appropriate and fundamental testing techniques: The testing administrations that accommodated an item ought to have the option to really take a look at every one of the likely issues and ought to be done as recommended by approved government bodies.

3.  How to know if the laboratory is accepted and accredited? 

An authorized lab would make a point to make reference to its acknowledgment by NABL to draw in expected clients. Be that as it may, this is the way you can check:

 To support themselves, research facilities utilize the image showing their license by approved government bodies on reports given and their site.


A testing laboratory`s certification certifies that it generates reliable results using the testing techniques specified in its area of accreditation. Industrial laboratories, service laboratories, and public research laboratories are all accredited testing laboratories. We have a talented staff of chemists, engineers, and technicians, able to rapid and accurate results because of their mastery of our state-of-the-art equipment.