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Material Testing Laboratory

Material Testing Laboratory is an important step in understanding how your materials will perform or react under a wide variety of stresses. Element can assist you in evaluating and understanding your materials properties like tensile strength to thermal analysis and many more.

The benefits of understanding material properties affect every stage of an application. Material properties testing can assist in R&D projects, prevent failures in the final product, and anticipate issues before they arise. 

Component offers a broad range of material properties testing services, specializing in metals, advanced composites, polymers, ceramic composites, and many more. Component can provide valuable insight about virtually any material characteristic, and any material type. We have experience in providing testing for many sectors, and handle projects large and small in related to material testing. With a global network of labs and resources, we perform everything from routine tensile testing to custom fatigue programs. 

Conducting materials testing for customers for over four decades, we are your ideal partner to provide the independent and industry-leading services you require.  Our material testing laboratory covers infrastructure, rubber and automotive components, metals, composites, polymers, construction materials and more.

Our material analysis  lab can fulfill all your requirements with state-of-the- art facility.