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Plastic Materials & Plastic Products

Why do we need plastic material testing

Plastic Material Testing plays a critical role in the life cycle of a polymer, from the raw material to the compound through to the semi-finished and finished product.  Each stage has different test requirements, and each end user may require a different test solution depending on their role, whether it is in Product Development (R&D), Quality Control (QC), Testing Services (TS), or Research (R).

Materials analysis can help ensure that materials, processes and suppliers deliver the best outcomes for your company and customers.

1. Testing Before Scaling up Production: Companies would waste a lot of money by producing 10,000 units of a product and it not being suitable so they might test the first 100 units produced. This is to make sure results are consistent, and the product is up to the job before they move onto mass manufacture and production.

2. Health & Safety: Some applications for plastic material testing, such as food packaging, absolutely have to be tested before widespread use. It is essential to ensure that the packaging does not break down or contaminate food under different conditions like microwaving or freezing.

3. Identifying Weaknesses and Failures: There is no way in which the weaknesses of a plastic could be discovered before mass supply without testing. It will save plastics producers a lot of angry customers if they ensure their products are up to scratch before distribution rather than supplying obviously faulty goods.

4. Identifying Timescales: Testing plastics to understand their materials and their strength and durability is crucial for some applications, for example, it would be necessary to test plastic used for underground piping to estimate how long it will last underground before it needs to be replaced.

Our  technicians apply the most appropriate tests to get the data you need to understand  your products quality and performance. With expertise in polymer formulation support, our experts can support your product development, competitor polymer material deformulation, comparative composition analysis of blends and regulatory submission data requirements. We can also provide advanced analysis for additives and fillers present. Quality control of polymer raw materials and finished, formulated, products can be achieved through a wide range of chemical tests and techniques.