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Plastic Materials & Plastic Products

What are the Services Provided in Polymer Material Testing

  • The polymer Material Testing at Maeon Laboratory Center was founded with the goal of conducting research on diverse plastic materials, elastomers, composites, and foam, as well as offering technical services and consultancy. The laboratorys primary responsibility is to conduct research and provide effective solutions for polymer industry problems.Your polymeric material testing  spectrum of uses is extending into practically every aspect of human life. 

    As a result, its critical to ensure the safety of your materials. Our polymer material testing services include extensive measuring and testing to verify that your polymeric products are used safely and efficiently.Our laboratories test a variety of polymeric material testing for mechanical, thermal, electrical, flammability, and optical properties.

    The following are some of the testing we do on plastic materials and products:There are a lot of plastic sheets and films used as packing materials.

    • Sun panels for PCs

    • Floors made of plastic

    • In electric and electrical products, plastic constructions are used.

    • Materials that reflect light

    • Bags made of woven materials

    Polymer Material Testing offers the following services:

    • Plastic, rubber, and composites analysis, as well as polymer base determination

    • - Filler content determination - Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) thermal analysis, including Cp, Tg, Tm, and OIT

    • - Thermogravimetric analysis, often known as thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA), is a type of thermal analysis that involves measuring the mass of a sample over time as the temperature varies.

    • - Hardness testing (shore A and Barcol hardness testing) - Sampling techniques (injection molding, rubber vulcanization, cutting with CNC etc.)

    • - Plastic tensile testing, rubber tensile testing (equipment includes an extensometer), composite, foam, wood, textiles, paper, film, and other materials (Elmendorf tear tester)

    • - Polymers, wood, firebricks, and concrete strength, compression, and bending modulus