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Plastic Materials & Plastic Products

Uses of Plastic Materials

Versatile Plastic Material Testing inspires innovations that help make life better, healthier and safer every day. Plastic Testing Laboratory is used to make bicycle helmets, child safety seats, and airbags in automobiles. They are in the cell phones, televisions, computers, and other electronic equipment that makes modern life possible. They are in the roofs, walls, flooring, and insulation that make homes and buildings energy efficient. And plastics in packaging help keep foods safe and fresh.

Some plastics occur in nature, like tree rubber. There are “organic” plastics, which contain carbon, and inorganic plastics, which do not. Some plastics are hard and shatter-resistant, and others are soft and flexible. Plastics make possible many things people do not recognize as plastic at all – like paints, protective coatings and linings, adhesives and glues, and sealants and insulation. Some plastics have additives that make them bacteria- or fire-resistant, give them a rainbow of colors; make them flexible; fill them with bubbles to make them better insulators, or even add fibers to make high-tech composites. There are tens of thousands – or more – of different kinds of plastics and formulations.

Strong, lightweight plastics enable us to live better while contributing to sustainability in many ways—all of which stem from plastics ability to help us do more with less.  

Plastics Material Testing Lab helps us protect the environment by reducing waste, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and saving energy at home, at work, and on the road. Plastic packaging helps to dramatically extend the shelf life of fresh foods and beverages while allowing us to ship more products with less packaging material—reducing both food and packaging waste.

Plastic insulation, sealants, and other building products are making our homes significantly more energy-efficient while reducing costs for heating and cooling. And lightweight plastics in cars can dramatically increase miles per gallon, saving drivers money at the pump.

Plastics not only help doctors save lives, they protect our loved ones at home, on the road, on the job, and at play. And these advanced materials are helping make health care more affordable.