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What is Thermal shock Testing Lab

Thermal shock testing Lab , also known as temperature cycling or temperature shock testing, exposes products to alternating low and high air temperatures in order to speed up failures caused by repetitive temperature changes in regular use settings. This testing is required to recreate such conditions and to better understand product performance.

When exposed to high and low temperatures, as well as fluctuating humidity levels, the polymer materials deteriorate. Maeon Laboratories conducts continuous and cycling tests to automotive specifications as well as other international standards. Temperature cycling chambers, which are available at Maeon Laboratories, are perfect for test applications that demand a rapid change in temperature ramp rate, such as 1°C to 5°C per minute or as required.

During the thermal shock testing Lab, products may be powered or unpowered. Cables that reach outside of the chamber and fit inside the chamber feed through are required for products that are powered during the test. Thermal shock testing  Lab has 2 objectives.

  • 1) To see if the test item can meet its performance requirements after being exposed to rapid temperature variations in the environment.

    2) To see if the thermal shock test item can be safely used after being exposed to a sudden temperature change in the surrounding environment.