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Thermal Analysis of Plastics using ASTM D746

Thermal analysis and testing of polymers and plastics across the polymer inventory network and lifecycle is a strong method for estimating actual properties, advances, maturing processes, the impact of added substances and the impact of different creation conditions on materials.

This test strategy covers the assurance of the temperature at which plastics and elastomers (as characterized by Terminology D883) display weak disappointment under indicated sway conditions. Two routine review and acknowledgment systems are additionally given.

Polymer Solution

Testing organization Polymer Solutions directed thermal analysis experiments to find the reason why a clients polyacrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) parts were breaking, and analysts utilized TGA examination to both disintegrate and disintegrate the parts to report their polymer and filler content.

Contrasting typical and strange parts and the strategy, analysts observed that the two sets had the expected degree of 30% glass filler, and in this way the filler was not the wellspring of disappointment. Then, at that point, utilizing optical microscopy the scientists found the filler for the great example was half fiber and half powder though the filler for the terrible example was all powder, meaning the weak parts coming up short on building up glass fiber filler vital for the plastic to be sufficiently solid.


A test example is kept in an example holder with a force wrench at 5 in-lb, then, at that point, let down into a shower kept up with at a particular temperature. An effect of 2000 ± 200 mm/s is applied on the test example, trailed by looking at the example for separating it into at least two pieces. Any break apparent to the unaided eye is likewise viewed as a disappointment. This interaction is rehashed with various examples at low temperatures to create satisfactory information to decide fragility temperature.


Maeon Laboratories performs thermal analysis testing as per ASTM norms. Warm Analysis is a field of materials science wherein the properties of materials are inspected as the material changes with temperature changes.

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