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Methods of Wear Testing

Wear testing material is one of the most popular reliability tests that can be done to guarantee that a new product can survive a reasonable amount of wear and tear while meeting both your and your customers standards for quality. Its especially crucial for determining how long the finish or coating of a product will last, as well as for fabrics.

Abrasion tests are commonly used to estimate material wear performance and examine the factors that cause wear. While many organizations aspire to replicate a wear situation encountered during a specific application, the intricacy of wear makes an accurate simulation impractical and impossible.

Maeon Laboratories offers a variety of wear testing services, ranging from ASTM and ISO standards testing to unique solutions that imitate the wear and environment conditions in your application.Various degrees of articulation, stress, and temperature can be used in wear tests. In addition, load soak stations are employed as controls, with the identical conditions but no articulation.

In the way corporations assess the endurance of their products, Taber instruments play a significant role. The following are some of the reasons why companies desire to conduct these tests:

  • Check to see if the products meet industry requirements.

  • Reduce the likelihood of product failure and the costs associated with product warranties.

  • Consider how a product will perform in comparison to other similar products.

  • Improve their competitive edge

  • Examine the functioning and suitability for the intended usage.

  • Conduct material development and research.

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