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ASTM D3574 - Polyurethane Foam Testing

Polyurethane foam has an uncommon number of employments around the world, from use in homegrown furniture to covering inside the metal and plastic dividers of most fridges and coolers.

Polyurethane is additionally ignitable, transmits poisons during disintegration, and will thermally corrupt when overheated. Since a compound can be utilized for countless various uses, material testing and approval are fundamental for getting your foam item to advertise.

Considering this interest, our group is glad to report it brings as of late extended its material trying capacities to the table for a full scope of administrations for testing polyurethane foam.

Our bundling and materials testing engineers draw on research facility best practice strategies and their broad foundation of material norms while testing your polyurethane foam project. Data given by our materials testing specialists will guarantee your polyurethane foam is protected and solid enough for your particular application.

Analysis of Foam

A foam testing Laboratory is fundamental for guaranteeing that drawn-out capacity inventories of foam gather are ready to go when they are expected to extinguish a fire. Maeon Laboratories is a trustworthy test house for foam testing, wipe testing, car foam testing, and protection foam testing, as well as an assortment of different tests led by client particulars or laid out worldwide norms.

Maeon lab is an amazing spot assuming you are searching for a reliable Foam testing research center in Chennai to have your materials tried and guaranteed. Certification provides equipped labs with an authority endorsement, making it simpler for clients to find reliable testing and alignment administrations to satisfy their necessities.

Foam is a lightweight material comprised of pockets of air or other vaporous substances caught inside a strong network. Framework materials can be metallic, polymeric, or ceramic. We offer foam research facility testing administrations for low, medium, and high development putting out fires foams in consistence with industry necessities. Before the beginning of foam testinglab, we should be given the fundamental data in a perfect, dry example. Maeon has a lab with the most cutting-edge innovation and offices for fundamental foam testing and investigation