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Transmission and Conveyor Belt Testing

beltOne category of products driving every industry in one form or other are the Belts. From drive systems for standard and special purpose machines, domestic appliances, process industry lines, Food and Beverage industries, Mining, Quarries, Agricultural industries and many more, the belts play role in the system. Standardization and quality norms of these products are defined in National and International standards. Maeon Laboratories provide testing services for products including V belt testing, Timing belt testing, Power transmission belt testing, conveyor belt testing, safety belt testing to such standard test methods, some listed here.

Tensile Properties
Basic physical strength of the rubber and fabric material used for beltings are important for their overall performance. Some of the related properties V belt testing, Conveyor belt testing, transmission belt testing performed at Maeon laboratories listed above
Tensile Properties
BL1GE-2 Tensile Strength & Elongation@Break ASTM D412
BL1GE-3 Hardness ASTM D1415, D2240
BL1GE-4, 25 Tear Strength, Cover tear ASTM D624, IS 3181
BL1GE-14 Tear Strength, Carcass tear ASTM D378, ISO 505
  Full Thickness Breaking Strength & Elongation IS 3181
BL1GE-12 Breaking Strength & Modulus ISO 21180, ISO 21181, ISO 9856, IS 16388, IS 16383
  Relaxed Elastic Modulus ISO 21181, IS 16384
BL1GE-19 Elongation at Reference Load  
BL1GE-20 Elongation at Breaking Load  
Ageing Tests for Belts

The influence of prolonged heat over the physical properties are of importance for belts. The standards used for testing these properties at Maeon Laboratories is given above
Resistance to contact of belt material with different fluids is determined for quality control and for development purposes.
Ageing Tests for Belts


Heat Ageing

  Heat Resistance of Cover ISO 4195
BL1GE-10 Liquid Ageing ASTM D471
Coefficient of Friction for Belts

Belt friction is developed when the friction forces act between a belt and another surface in contact. This test involves determination of the coefficients of starting and sliding friction of belt rubber material when sliding over itself or other substances. An important property in the industry as energy or material transfers all involve frictional forces.
Coefficient of Friction for Belts
BL1GE-6 Coefficient of friction, belt friction ASTM D1894, ASTM D378, ISO 21182, IS 16365
Abrasion Resistance of Belts

Abrasive or frictional wear of the belts in service is the main cause of failure of conveyor and transmission belts. An estimation of resistance to wear is specified in standards of belts, which must be controlled. Maeon laboratories provide services for testing of Abrasion resistance.
Abrasion Resistance of Belts


Abrasion resistance, Abrasive loss of cover

ASTM D5963, ASTM D378, IS 1891-1
Electrical Resistance tests
Conveyor belts demand high level electrical resistance for most applications. A measurement and compliance of this character is mandatory in many standards of conveyor and other types of belts. Electrical conductivity is determined in antistatic V belts, wide section belts and conveyor belts.
Electrical Resistance tests


Electrical Resistance, Surface Resistance

ASTM D378, IS 3181, ISO 21178 , ISO 21179, IS 16382, IS 16381
  Electrical Conductivity – Antistatic belts ISO 284, ISO 1813, IS 15138, ISO 9563, IS 16378
Environmental Tests

Exposure of the belts to atmosphere leads to attack by Ozone, leading to cracks. The laboratory tests involve, sample to be under surface tensile strain conditions, either dynamic or static, in an atmosphere containing specified levels of ozone concentration and its effect on the surface is estimated.
Environmental Tests


Ozone Resistance

ASTM D1149, ASTM D378
Adhesion Tests - Belts

Transmission belts, conveyor belts , v belts are made with many plies of fabric that are adhered to each other using inner layers of elastomers.
Belts operate on equipment that requires repeated flexing over pulleys on the conveyor or rollers. This repeated flexing action stresses the ply adhesion of conveyor belts. Hence, it is important for the belt to have adequate ply adhesion to resist ply separation to avoid costly failures of the systems.
Maeon Laboratories perform the Adhesion tests by determining the adhesion strength between plies of fabric bonded with rubber or the adhesion of the rubber layer in V belts, conveyor belts, other transmission belts.
Adhesion Tests - Belts
BL1GE-11 Adhesion test ASTM D413, ASRM D378, ISO 252, IS 17071, IS 3181, IS 1891-1, IS 3181
  Edge adhesion IS 3181
Flammability Tests - Belts

Fire retardancy requirement of belts is undoubtedly essential for any industries, especially it is so in mining, for transport of materials under high temperature and for materials prone to ignite. Fire resistant conveyor belts are essential in avoiding fire hazards.
International and national standards specify the test method to assess FR grade category or Flammability Characteristics of the belt materials. Above some standards Maeon laboratory follow for this Flame Resistance testing of Belts.
Flammability Tests - Belts
BL1GE-13 Flame Resistance, Flammability Test ASTM D378 ISO 340
Miscellaneous Tests - Belts
Miscellaneous Tests -  Belts


Dimensions of Belts

ASTM D3767 ASTMD378, ISO 16851 ISO 583 IS 1891-1
BL1GE-15 Troughability Test IS 1891-1 ISO 703 IS 17090
BL1GE-16 Elevator Belt Bolt Holding Strength Test  
Product Testing – Conveyor belts
Maeon Laboratories undertake testing and evaluation of belts, such as V Belt Testing, transmission belt testing, Conveyor belt testing, Safety belt testing, Webbing testing, Electrical floor mat testing to specifications stipulated in National and International standards. Some of the standards for which Maeon Lab provide services are as mentioed above.
Product Testing – Conveyor belts
BL1CB-1 Rubber (Elastomeric) Conveyor Belting Flat Type ASTM D378
BL1CB-2 Conveyor and Elevator Textile Belting - General Purpose IS 1891-1
BL1CB-3 Fire resistant conveyor belting for underground mines and such other hazardous applications IS 3181
BL1CB-39 Conveyor and elevator textile belting - Specification: Part 1 general purpose belting (Fourth Revision) IS 1891-1
BL1CB-40 Conveyor and elevator textile belting - Specification: Part 2 heat resistant belting (Third Revision) IS 1891-2
BL1CB-41 Specification for rubber conveyor and elevator textile belting: Part 3 oil resistant belting IS 1891-3
BL1CB-42 Specification for rubber conveyor and elevator belting: Part 4 hygienic belting (First Revision) IS 1891-4
BL1CB-43 Conveyor and elevator textile belting - Specification: Part 5 fire resistant belting for surface application IS 1891-5
BL1CB-44 Conveyor belts — Fire Resistant Conveyor Belting for. Underground Mines IS 3181
BL1CB-45 Conveyor belting of elastomeric and steel cord construction for general material handling - Specification IS 15427, ISO 15413
BL1CB-46 Conveyor belts - Specification for rubber - Or plastics - Covered conveyor belts of textile construction for general IS 16765, ISO 14890
BL1CB-47 Specification for pvc/plastic hygienic belting IS 11842
BL1CB-48 Conveyor belting - Solid woven cotton/synthetic impregnated and unimpregnated - Specification: Part 1 aeroslide belting for air gravity conveyor IS 13775
BL1CB-49 Conveyor belting of elastomeric and steel cord construction for underground mines and such other hazardous applications - Specification IS 15143
Transmission / V-Belts Test
Transmission / V-Belts Test
BL1VT-1 V - Belts - Endless V - Belts for industrial purposes: Part 1 general purpose - Specification (Second Revision) IS 2494-1
BL1VT-2 V - Belts - Endless V - Belts for industrial purposes: Part 2 fire resistant and antistatic V - Belts - Specification IS 2494-2
BL1VT-3 Industrial v belts and synchronous belts IS 16376
BL1VT-4 Transmission belting - Friction surface rubber belting specification (Third Revision) IS 1370
BL1VT-5 Transmission devices - V - Belts endless narrow - Belts for industrial use - Specification IS 14261
BL1VT-6 Synchronous belt drives - Automotive belts IS 16376, ISO 9010
Safety Belts, Webbing Test
Safety Belts, Webbing Test



IS 3521 : 1999 CHD 8
BL1SF-2 Safety belt assembly IS 15140
BL1SF-3 Road vehicle seat belt assembly IS 6683
BL1SF-4 Seat belt assembly ASTM D6775, SAE J140, FMVSS 209
BL1SF-5 Seat belt abrasion test SAE SAE J339, SAE J114
BL1SF-6 Road vehicle seat belt ISO 13216 -3
BL1SF-8 Safey belt assemby IS 15140
BL1SF-9 Seat belt assembly 49 CFR $ 571 FMVSS 209
BL1SF-10 Abrasion resistance test for webbing SAE J 114
BL1SF-11 Road vehicle seat belt BS ISO 13216 -3
BL1SF-12 Road vehicle seat belt assembly IS 6683
BL1SF-13 Seat belt standard ASTM D6775
Insulation Mat Test
Insulation Mat Test
BL1IM Insulation Mat testing IS 15652