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Adhesives and tapes testing

Adhesives testing laboratory Adhesives Testing laboratory of different types are used to bond Adhesive testing laboratory substrates through surface bonding called Adhesion and by Internal Strength called cohesion. Maeon Laboratories provide services for adhesive testing laboratory , Pressure sensitive tape adhesive testing, Structural adhesive testing, Thread locker adhesive testing, Electrical insulation tapes testing.adhesion

adhesion1Adhesive testing laboratory The various test requirements including,Adhesives testing laboratory strength, flexibility, environmental conditions, viscosity, sustainability and more are performed as per customer standards and International standards..

Adhesive testing laboratory Maeon Laboratory is reliable and customer friendly adhesive testing employed by the adhesive industryAdhesives testing laboratory to test the peel strength, bonding, and shear properties of adhesives. Types of adhesive materials that are commonly tested include pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes, epoxies, sealants, and thermosetting structural adhesives.

Common Tests for Adhesives

  Peel tests  
  Tensile strength test  
  Seal strength test  
  Cure rate test  
  Tack test  
  Stringiness test  
  Creep test  

Tensile strength of adhesive bonds

Evaluation of bond strength of adhesive with metal surface is of atmost importance in many applications. An estimation of this adhesion strength is measured by this test method. This testing is used for applications with many adhesive systems and primers.
AD1ME-1 Tensile Properties of Adhesive Bonds D897-08

Lap shear test

Lap shear testing is adhesion test which very frequently specified by many manufacturers, automotive, aerospace and electronic industries and so on, which is very critical property to establish the strength of intended application. Metal specimens in identical strips are prepared the adhesive is applied on the defined overlapping portion. The test facility for performing Lap shear testing for Adhesives is available at Maeon Laboratories.
AD1ME-7 Apparent shear strength of Single-Lap-Joint adhesively bonded Metal Specimens D1002-10

90° 180° Peel adhesion test

90°.180° Peel adhesion testing is performed on many Pressure Sensitive tapes such as Electrical insulation tapes, double side tapes, masking tapes, duct tapes, packaging tapes, bandages tapes, tapes for medical devises, tapes for industrial application. The types of test procedure under this method is followed by Maeon Laboratoriies as customer standards.
AD1ME-35 180° Peel Adhesion of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives ASTM D3330 IS 7809
  90° Peel Resistance of Adhesives ASTM D6862-11

T-Peel Test

The Peel resistance of adhesives are testing in Maeon Laboratories using the T Peel testing method using Test method given below. The precision testing device separates the coating and substrate apart and measures the force required to peel apart.
AD1ME-18 Peel Resistance of Adhesives (T-Peel Test) D1876-08 e1

Loop Tack Strength

Adhesive tapes, adhesive films, sticker labels all have a coating of pressure sensitive adhesive applied on to it. Its initial tack or stickiness is an important property for its application. Maeon laboratories have facility for testing the tack force or tack strength using precision test equipments.
AD1ME-34 Standard Test Methods for Loop Tack D6195

Double lap shear test

The double lap shear test method for adhesives produce shear property data for adhesives for bonding metals which are essentially peel-free.
AD1ME-26 Standard Test Method for Strength Properties of Double Lap Shear Adhesive Joints by Tension Loading D3528-96

Shear test by Compression

The shear strength property of adhesive obtained compression mode is evaluated. Shear strength value obtained is a measure of adhesive strength, primarily for Wood-to-wood , wood to lumber and other construction materials.


Standard Test Method for Determining Strength of Gap-Filling Adhesive Bonds in Shear by Compression Loading

D3931-08 ASTM D905 ISO 10123

Floating roller peel adhesion test

The tests uses a laminated or bonded adherends, where one adherend is made to be rigid and the other adherend is made to be flexible. The test is conducted by peeling of the flexible adherend rom the rigid adherend at a controlled angle of peeling. Maeon laboratories have facility for the Floating Roller Peel strength testing.
AD1ME-24 Floating Roller Peel Resistance of Adhesives D3167-10

Pull off force measurement of Adhesives

For many applications Adhesives require to be tested for its Pull off force, which test is performed at Maeon laboratories

Shear strength by pin and collar specimen

Standard Test Method for Shear Strength of Adhesives Using Pin-and-Collar Specimen. This test method covers the determination of the shear strength of curing liquid adhesives used for retaining cylindrical assemblies or for locking and sealing threaded fasteners.
AD1ME-29 Standard Test Method for Shear Strength of Adhesives Using Pin-and-Collar Specimen D4562-01 ISO 10123 IS 13055

Torque strength of adhesives for Threaded fasteners

Maeon Laboratories provide testing services for Adhesives used for thread locking. The tests determines the torque strength of the securing adhesives used for threaded fastening.
  Torque strength of Adhesives used on Threaded fasteners D5649-15 ISO 10964

Viscosity of Adhesives

Adhesives specifications provide data on the viscosity, specific gravity and the solid content. These provide an idea of the material properties including molecular weight and density which affect flow behavior. Maeon Laboratories offer testing service on viscosity of Adhesives, using rotational viscometer, which uses a torsion spring to measure the torque required to rotate a spindle in the material. Changing rotor speed and size allows for the measurement of different ranges of viscosity.
AD1ME-9 Standard Test Methods for Viscosity of Adhesives D1084-16 ISO 2555 IS 13055

Density of Adhesives

The Density of Adhesives in liquid form are tested by Weight-per-Gallon cup method, Maeon Laboratories provide services for testing Density of Adhesives.
AD1ME-17 Standard Test Method for Density of Adhesives in Fluid Form D1875-03

Tensile Strength and Elongation Properties

Adhesive tapes, label, adhesive films etc. are tested for its physical characteristics such as Tensile strength at break and Elongation properties. They are tested in both Machine direction and Cross direction. Best facilities are available at Maeon Laboratories to perform Adhesive tape Tensile strength, elongation properties.
AD1ME-36 Tensile Strength and Elongation of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes D3759

Specialty Properties – Adhesives, tapes, labels

AD1MT-1 Standard Test Method for Determination of the Odor of Adhesives D4339-01
AD1MT-2 Specific Gravity JIS K 6820
AD1MT-3 Handling cure ISO 10964 IS 13055
AD1MT-4 Determination of Skin Forming time  
AD1MT-5 Determination of Sp. Gravity by Water displacement  
AD1MT-6 Speed of Cure (Depth Cure)  
AD1ME-37 Peel Adhesion to Rigid Substrates – Rubber testing D429
AD1ME-40 Hardness Shore A  
AD1ME-41 Tensile Strength  
AD1ME-42 Tensile Elongation  
AD1WE-1 Standard Practice for Exposure of Adhesive Specimens to Artificial Light D904-99
  Standard Test Method for Determination of the Odor of Adhesives D4339-01
AD1EL-1 Standard Test Methods for Adhesives Relative to Their Use as Electrical Insulation D1304-99 e1
AD1EL-2 Standard Test Method for Volume Resistivity of Conductive Adhesives D2739-97

Product Specification Tests

AD1PR-1 Standard Specification for Anaerobic Single-Component Adhesives (AN) D5363-16 IS 13055
AD1PR-2 Standard Test Method for Torque Strength of Adhesives Used on Threaded Fasteners D5649-15 ISO 10964
AD1PR-3 Paper adhesives, office gum IS 2257
AD1PR-4 Rubber based adhesives IS 2561
AD1PR-5 Product manual for Adhesives IS 15477
AD1PR-6 PVA based adhesives IS 4835
AD1PR-7 Pressure Sensitive Cloth Tapes IS 3687
AD1PR-8 BWR BWP adhesive IS 3087
AD1PR-9 Synthetic resin adhesives for plywood (phenolic and 3 amino plastic) IS 848 : 2006 CED 20
AD1PR-10 Adhesives for use with ceramic tiles and mosaics IS 15477 : 2004 PCD 12
AD1PR-11 Structural adhesives guidelines ISO 17212:2012
AD1PR-13 Anaerobic Adhesives and Sealants IS 13055
AD1PR-14 Industrial Bitumen IS 702 :98 PCD 6
AD1PR-15 Integral Cement Waterproofing Compounds IS 2645
Specification for Anaerobic Single-Component Adhesives (AN) ASTM D5363-16,ISO 13055
XXX XX Pressure sensitive Electrical insulation tape IS 7809-2

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